Finally Made an Oppa Card

Oppa Card (T-Money)
Oppa Card (T-Money)

I’ve seen this machine near the Hong Dae AREX Exit 3 & 4 gantry for a year or more by now. I was contemplating if I should make a personalised T-Money card for fun but I already have a T-Money card and I didn’t want to hold on to another one. Sure I go to Seoul frequently, but still, it doesn’t justify me owning 2 T-Money cards just because.

As fate would have it, I finally lost my T-money card on this recent trip to Seoul. I had just added ₩50,000 (~SGD61) to the card and at the point when I lost it, it had about ₩40,000 (~SGD49) in there. 😭

Thankfully, I found out about it way before I was due to head over to the Olympics Gymnasium for the Psy “All Night Stand” concert. I usually cut my time quite close so if I had found out how I lost my T-Money card when I was headed towards the concert, I would surely have been late for the concert.

Initially, I thought it was a film/sticker thing that they would paste over an existing T-Money card but no, they actually print your photo onto the card itself! No worries about it peeling off then; BUT for sure, over time, there is a chance of it fading out like the regular cards.

Here’s my new personalised T-Money card with my cute but annoying dog’s face:

Oppa Card (T-Money)
Oppa Card (T-Money)

You can actually add some text on the bottom left hand corner of the card but I decided to leave it blank because it felt a bit much to put my name on the card.

Anyway, shortly after I made this new personalised T-Money card, I found another T-Money card on the floor. LOL. So yes, I have 2 T-Money cards now. LOL. When I didn’t want to hold 2 cards but life insists that I need to have 2 of them. Oh well.

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10 thoughts on “Finally Made an Oppa Card

  1. Lol! An “oppa card” sounds like you have to have a photo of a singer on it… More importantly, how much money was on the other card?

    1. Lol. Yes but I couldn’t decide to use Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Cha Eun Woo or Jinjin’s photo in the short time so I put my dog on it. Hahaha. The other T-Money I found had ₩17,000 inside hahaha

  2. Hello there, sorry for the abrupt message. I just want to ask you that how do you pay for the Oppa card? I checked on the internet and just couldn’t find an answer. Since I would be traveling to Seoul soon, I would like to make one in the airport and would want to prepare in advance on the method to pay for the card. I look forward to your reply. Thank you!

    1. You can use cash to pay for it. They usually have a machine for you to break the note into small change (₩1,000).

      1. I am relieved to hear that! Thank you very much for answering to my question! Have a nice day!

    1. Yes. Oppa card is a T-Money card. They only called it an “Oppa Card” because you can customise and put your Oppa’s photo on it. 😉

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