James Lee “The Light EP” Meet & Greet in Singapore 2019 Post Mortem

James Lee was in Singapore on 7 May 2019 to meet the media and some fans in support of his debut EP “The Light”. There was no public appearance by James on this trip to Singapore.

When I saw James in KL, I told him that even though there is no public appearance in Singapore, I would still try to see him. However, at that time in KL, I really had no idea how I would be able to see James in Singapore. LOL. I was quite literally just saying it.

As if it was destiny, I found out at the last minute that I would be seeing James in Singapore after all! Big thank you to Universal Music Singapore for the opportunity! 🙂

I did not realise that this meet & greet with James was a 1 on 1 type experience. The last time I attended a meet & greet session in Singapore, everyone was in the room at the same time. This time around, we were let into the room where James was one by one.

I thought that since I had already met James in KL the week before, I thought I should let the other fans go first. After all, there is a chance that the last person might get rushed because of time constraints. However, the other fans were quite intimidated by the idea of seeing James 1 on 1. Haha. So in the end, so as not to waste time, I went first.

The moment James saw me walking through the door, he flashed a really huge smile and said, “Hello again.” Hehe. He then stretched his arms out open and waited for me to walk into his arms for a hug.

James Lee "The Light EP" in Singapore 2019. Photo credit: UMG SG
James Lee “The Light EP” in Singapore 2019. Photo credit: UMG SG

After the official photographer took a photo for us, I took the opportunity to ask James about his dog, Jerry. The moment I asked about Jerry’s size, like a typical pawrent, James wanted to take his phone out to show me photos of Jerry. Unfortunately, James’ phone wasn’t with him so he used his hands to gesture instead. Jerry is a lot smaller than I had imagined.

I didn’t know that the official photographer was taking photos the entire time. Hence I don’t know what we were talking about to make James laugh and look so surprised.

So much time was spent talking about Jerry that I teased James saying, “I actually care more about Jerry than I care about you.” Hahaha. One of the Universal Music Singapore staff actually said, “OUCH!” in response. LOL. James took it all in his stride. After all, if I didn’t care about James, I wouldn’t have stuck around since 2012. And he knows that.

Also, I had told James that there were a few other Royal Pirates fans in Singapore who were quite sad that they weren’t able to see him this time. James said that the next time he comes, he would “try to do a show where everyone could come.” These are his actual words.

I think I have been taking some time and the Universal Music Singapore staff was signalling that time was up. I was about to leave when she said, “do you want to take a selfie?” I had actually forgotten about that. As I flicked on the camera mode on my phone, James was like, “I’ll do it.” so I gave him my phone. It was the right thing to do because his arm is longer and the selfie turned out so much nicer than if I had taken it. LOL.

James Lee "The Light EP" in Singapore 2019. Photo credit: James Lee
James Lee “The Light EP” in Singapore 2019. Photo credit: James Lee

James is super sweet and adorable. And he deserves all the good things in life. 잘 살아 제임스. I will see you when I see you next time. 그럼, 그 때까지 꽃길만 걷기 바래.

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