[2009.02.27] All American Rejects, Awesome American Rock Band
[2009.03.15] BP Of Montreal, Some Funky Band
[2009.03.15] Davey Of Montreal, Some Funky Band
[2009.03.15] Dottie Of Montreal, Some Funky Band
[2009.03.15] Kevin Of Montreal, Some Funky Band
[2009.03.21] Duffy, Singer
[2009.03.24] Rebecca Hall, Actress
[2009.03.24] Josh Hamilton, Actor
[2009.03.24] Ethan Hawke, Actor
[2009.04.04] Oasis, Fucking Cool Rock Band
[2009.04.06] The Kaiser Chiefs, Fun People!!
[2009.05.02] Vertical Horizon, Very Nice Band
[2009.05.23] Samantha Ronson, Rocking DJ
[2009.06.13] Lady Gaga, Super Cool Girl
[2009.08.12] Keane, Band with no guitars
[2009.09.22] No Doubt, super cool band
[2009.09.23] Mark Webber, F1 driver
[2009.09.23] Adrian Sutil, F1 driver
[2009.09.24] Backstreet Boys, Man Band
[2009.09.24] Lindsay Lohan, Tabloid Queen
[2009.09.26] Jenson Button, F1 driver
[2009.10.13] Raygun, Rock Band
[2009.12.17] Lenka, Singer
[2009.12.30] Dan Hoobastank, Hot Hot Hot
[2009.12.30] Doug Hoobastank, Hot!

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