Introducing: Nadine

I must admit that when I first looked at the CD, I was wondering, who is she? Is she that Nadine from one of those now defunct pop groups in the UK… or was it the Nadine in Girls Aloud? Doesn’t matter. I popped the CD into the player and listened. Very guitar-based pop rock… think a slightly girlier version of Kelly Clarkson. Then the … Continue reading Introducing: Nadine

Cirque Mother Africa

A friend passed me a pair of tickets to the Cirque Mother Africa show on Sunday night. I knew it was supposed to be a circus/acrobatics act but that’s pretty much about it. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect since Africa is not exactly famous for such stuff. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the production. While there wasn’t anything earth-shattering or new … Continue reading Cirque Mother Africa