Cirque Mother Africa

A friend passed me a pair of tickets to the Cirque Mother Africa show on Sunday night. I knew it was supposed to be a circus/acrobatics act but that’s pretty much about it. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect since Africa is not exactly famous for such stuff.

I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the production. While there wasn’t anything earth-shattering or new about the performances and acrobatic acts, I was impressed by the level of precision and skill of the performers. It was pretty at a level like a Chinese acrobatics show but with cooler and funkier live music.

For all the performances which involves balancing of some sort, my palms were like sweating the entire time. One of the performance featured a guy lying on his back and he used his legs to flip another (smaller) guy like a ball. The smaller guy could also do somersaults while being flicked around. I was really impressed.

I must also say that I was absolutely freaked out by the contortionist. They’re so flexible it’s scary. It’s almost like they have no bones at all. Most of the audience were “OOOHHH”-ing or “ooooo”-ing the entire time. Me? I closed my eyes for half of that performance; I just can’t handle contortionists.

Anyway, it was a nice show. The songs and dances made me miss Southern Africa (coz it’s the only area I’ve been to on the African continent). South Africa is a really beautiful place. The scenery and safaris there are so awesome! Also, going on a safari once in your life is a MUST. Highly recommended. It totally changes your life and makes you respect Mother Nature so much more.

I’ve digressed. 🙂

You can click on this link to find out more about Cirque Mother Africa from their official website.

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