City Alive Soundcheck

So I was asked to go along meet DJ Tashi who was in town to spin at the City Alive event which is like the Chingay after show party.

DJ Tashi @ The Singapore Flyer

So we arrived at the F1 pit building to see that the dancers from the Tri-crew getting ready for soundcheck.

It was a 2 hour or so wait before DJ Tashi did his soundcheck. I like the visuals that accompany his music especially those from the video games. It’s so cute! 🙂 I like how he actually cut the audio and video from the video/game clips and mixed it with beats to create music. It’s GENIUS! No wonder he’s so revered in the DJ-ing scene.

DJ Tashi spinning at the City Alive decks

By the time we were done, it was about 1 plus in the am. I was half dead by then given that it was a working day. Still, we went along to Zouk to look for DJ Andrew Chow who was spinning at Phuture. However, the club was full so we decided to leave and look for DJ Dre instead.

DJ Dre was spinning with Dave Tan of Electrico that night at Ku De Ta. Yes, that Ku De Ta at the Marina Bay Sands sky park.

The view is stunningly beautiful!! I couldn’t get any good photos of the city skyline from up there because my camera was crappy and there was a slight haze last night. Still, it’s a very awesome place. Great for chilling out.

We hanged out with DJ Dre, DJ Tashi, Stanly and Asuka from the Tri-crew China team. Stanly and Asuka are from Dragon Studio in Shanghai. Dave joined us for a while after his set.

(L-R) DJ Dre, Stanly and DJ Tashi
Asuka from Dragon Studio, Shanghai
Ruiling and I

I looked wasted as hell. LOL. It was 3 plus in the am by then. I had no idea what I was doing or saying. It was made worse by the fact that I had champagne. (I can’t hold my alcohol.)

We left when Ku De Ta closed at 4 am and headed over to 126 Dim Sum at Geylang to join DJ Andrew Chow and a few others for a post party snack. I was completely shattered by then. Hell, I was pretty impressed with myself for not dozing off at the table. Haha.

Still, it was a smashing night but I shouldn’t do this frequently. Age is catching up. LOL.

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