The Wanted departure from Singapore

So The Wanted left Singapore immediately after their autograph signing session. A bunch of resourceful fans found out about it and headed over to the airport. There were like 40 or so fans at the airport mobbing the boys.

The guys were readily stopping for a photo, signing, a hug and a kiss. It reached a point where they were practically dragged and pushed to check-in for their flight.

I got my photo with the boys and here they are:

Jay The Wanted
Max The Wanted
Nathan The Wanted
Siva The Wanted
Tom The Wanted

I also got some candid/paparazzi-ish shots of The Wanted:

Tom posing for a fan
Nathan and Jay
Nathan with Jay and Siva in the background
Jay and Siva
Max -- check out that cleavage!


I must admit that it was totally comical when some girls started crying as The Wanted walked into the departure lounge. It’s like why? This is not going to be the last you’ll be seeing of them. They’re looking at coming back in May/June for another round of promo!

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