Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Roxanne invited a few of us to the Marina Bay Sands Singapore hotel for a swim as her mum had a room for the night. Our aim was to head to the super awesome infinity pool at the rooftop for a swim.

When we first reached the room, we were blown away by the view of the room:

View from the 29th floor
Another view from the room

While it’s true that it’s still a construction site, I can just imagine how spectacular the view will be when the new botanical gardens is completed. Can’t wait really!!

The room itself was massive by definition of a “deluxe room”. Hell, there’s a billiard table in the junior suite and in the presidential suite is a double storied room in which lies a grand piano. Go figure how big the room is.


When we saw the bath tub, we were like, “OH! It’s like the one in the Bad Romance video”. Haha.


I reckon that the balcony can fit 20 people. You can throw a friggin party in there!

Anyway, here’s the main attraction of the Marina Bay Sands – the infinity pool on the rooftop:

Spectacular isn’t it? I also love how the pool was divided into 3 sections and one of them was adults only. It was excellent for chilling and relaxing without having to tolerate screaming kids jumping and splashing around.

After that, we headed back to the room for a quick shower before heading down to the food court for dinner.

pricey! but really good!

I had pork ribs handmade noodles. It was pricey but really tasty. It’s worth a try really and I won’t mind going back for another bowl some time in the future. The price is a slight barrier to upping the frequency to eat there.

After that, we took a stroll along the waterfront and caught a bit of the fountain show:

It was really lovely to walk along the bay with the light breeze and awesome view.

The Fullerton
Art Science Museum
Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay view

5 years ago, I would have never used adjectives like “stunning”, “awesome”, “pretty” or “beautiful” to describe the scenery in Singapore. Today, those adjectives are just what Singapore has become.

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