Justin Bieber concert — Singapore

If didn’t already know that Justin Bieber is in town for a concert, where have you been?


photo thanks to entertainmentsingapore.blogspot.com

It’s said that there were about 10,000 screaming Beliebers who filled the Singapore Indoor Stadium tonight. Were you one of them?

I didn’t think Justin had that great a voice from Day 1 and that he’s a little overrated. True enough, everyone I know who went for the concert said the same thing – “He is just an ok singer”.

However, I guess when  you’re a Belieber, everything about Bieber is perfect and his shit smells like roses. When he sits down on the heated toilet seat to shit, you wanted to be the toilet seat.

That said, I heard that Justin Bieber was a lousy interviewee during his press conference before the concert today. He was plain unenthusiastic and uninterested apparently.

So maybe he’s tired, I hear you say but remember this, he wanted it. Then he should jolly well just suck it up and do what is expected of a pop star/celebrity. You don’t get to pick and choose the benefits and problems that comes with fame.

While I wasn’t surprised by his lousy attitude towards his fans (since I’ve heard a lot of negative things), it’s a shame that the Beliebers wasted so much time, money and skipped school to wait for him at the airport, hotel and Indoor Stadium and barely got a glimpse of him.

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