10.10.10 — Sheikh Haikel

Sheikh Haikel has released 10.10.10, this 3rd album on 10 October 2010 and is giving it away free as part of his 35th birthday.

It was a nice surprise when I heard his song “Still Steady” was picked as the official theme song for the 23rd Canon Lion City Cup 2011.

I like how the song incorporated the very popular slang “Steady, steady, pom pi pi”. I also like how the video featured the local football heroes from the yesteryears.

Sheikh Haikel is the only artist in Singapore other than Dick Lee that I know who readily uses Singlish in their music. I have always thought that Sheikh Haikel is one of Singapore’s top musical talent but it’s a shame that he never really had a lot of commercial success.

You can download the album for free by clicking here.

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