Il Volo showcase in Singapore

The swoonsome Italian classical crossover vocal group Il Volo are coming to Singapore to do a showcase! You can think of them as the opera-ish version of Jonas Brothers (except that they are unrelated).

The 3 “Fabios” are aged 16 (Gianluca Ginoble) and 17 (Piero Barone and Ignazio Bochetto) this year. I feel like a freaking cougar when I hear them sing. :p (Really, I’m beyond ok to have them serenade me. I might even faint.)

The showcase will happen on 25 July 2011 at an undisclosed location.

Here’s a video of them singing “O Sole Mio” if you need further persuasion:

You can check out the official SingTel AMPed page here for more information on how to win tickets to this showcase.

[UPDATE] If you didn’t already know, you can buy the Il Volo CD (SGD 29.90) from THAT CD SHOP and go to The Fullerton Ballroom on 25th July 2011, you can enter the showcase! ** Entry on a first come first served basis. I heard that only a few (low) hundreds will be allowed in.

Make sure that it’s the Digitally Mastered version of the album with the gold disc (it is sold exclusively at THAT CD SHOP). Only this version is valid for entry and 1 CD admits 1 person. Check with the sales assistants in the shop if you are not sure.

I got mine! Will you be there?

[UPDATE] I just found out that Il Volo will do an autograph signing session at the Marina Bay Sands THAT CD SHOP outlet on 31 July 2011, 2pm. Il Volo will only sign the album purchased from THAT CD SHOP (the same one that you bought to go to their showcase).

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4 thoughts on “Il Volo showcase in Singapore

  1. hi can you please tell me where to get or buy ticket or passes for me to be in the showcase please… desperate to see them… please advise..theyre my idol!

  2. Actually u only need to go to That Cd Shop and
    purchase the Il volo album and with the album
    in hand, u can enter the showcase.
    It has to be the version which That Cd Shop
    is carrying then you can go in admission free.
    No other version of the cd can allow it.

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