Seoul Adventure: Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Mom House

Super Junior Kyuhyun Mom House
Super Junior Kyuhyun Mom House

So I finally went to visit Super Junior Kyuhyun’s café and guesthouse Mom House after bypassing the place so many times on my last few trips to Seoul.

Mom House is the easiest Super Junior related establishment to get to. It’s located in Myeongdong. Just get out from Exit 2, walk straight pass Prince Hotel, turn right at the first lane and you’ll see the place.

While I like how there’s an elevator within Mom House for the guesthouse, I do not like how there is no elevator at the subway exit and how there’s a pretty steep incline up to the guesthouse. Elevators and escalators are really important at the subway exits and transfers than in the guesthouse itself.

I know that one can take the airport bus so that you don’t have to lug the luggage around but I don’t like the airport bus because of the idea that it might be stuck in a traffic jam. I had getting stuck in traffic jams so I almost always prefer to take trains and subways where possible.

Anyway, I do like the decor within Mom House café; it’s very bright and spacious.

Super Junior Kyuhyun's Mom House
Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Mom House
Super Junior Kyuhyun's Mom's House
Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Mom’s House

Mom House has a very well thought out and modern layout and design compared to most other Korean cafés and guesthouses. For the record, I haven’t stayed in Mom House before (because I’m not keen on the uphill climb) but I’ve had friends who have stayed there before.

While it’s pricier than other guesthouses, I guess the modern amenities and touches to the place and how you can spot the entire ChoKyu family (include Kyuhyun himself) at the café is worth the price. Haha.

In the 45 minutes ~ 1 hour I was sitting in the café, I saw KyuMom and Kyu’s sister working at the café. Feel free to chat with KyuMom as well, she is usually friendly and would talk to fans in the café. So if you are ever going to hang out at Mom House, good luck!

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