Travelling through Guangzhou, Hezhou, Guilin and Yangshuo (Part 1)

So I went to China last week for a holiday with CTC Tours. They usually are pretty good with their China tours but this time around, we were unlucky enough to get a shitty tour guide and a noob tour leader. Overall, the trip was just alright. It didn’t feel like it was super fun or that the trip was really that worth it.

Also, we also realised that we have seen the beauty of Jiuzhaigou and the scenery at Guilin/Yangshuo was nothing in comparison. I mean the scenery at Guilin and Yangshuo is nice but Jiuzhaigou is definitely about 100 times nicer. #justsaying.

Anyway, we covered the following tourist spots:

  • Gupo Hill (姑婆山) — We only saw one waterfall and it’s just alright. Quite small really. There’s other stuff I supposed but we didn’t cover anything else.
  • Jiupuxiang (酒铺香) — This is the location of the TVB drama “Country Spirit” (酒是故乡醇). It’s quaint but in the rain and cold, nothing was awesome.

  • Liu San Jie Grand View Garden (刘三姐大观园) — This garden is quite alright. It’s pretty but quite small. It’s mostly for showcasing the culture of some of the minority ethnic groups of China. There’s a cultural show as well but I thought that it was quite forgettable.

  • Jingjiang Palace (王城独秀峰景区) — This is supposed to be official residence of Prince Jingjiang in the Ming Dynasty. However, it feels more like a refurbished museum than a real palace. Then again, it was burnt down twice I think and rebuilt hence the loss of the old world feel to the place. Not much to see in there as well.

  • Guilin Night View — The coloured lights that illuminate the various structures along the Li River in Guilin is definitely very pretty!

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