Meeting Two Door Cinema Club in Singapore

We were walking around town and decided to head over to use the toilets in the nearby hotel (because it’s definitely cleaner). When we walked into the lobby, we were very surprised to see Alex and Sam from Two Door Cinema Club sitting in the lobby with their crew.

We decided to hold our pee and approached the guys for an autograph and photo. πŸ™‚ They were really nice and friendly.

Alex Two Door Cinema Club
Alex Two Door Cinema Club's autograph
Sam Two Door Cinema Club
Sam Two Door Cinema Club's autograph

However, Kevin was missing! Apparently, everyone was supposed to gather at the hotel lobby at 6.30 pm but Kevin was late! I was jokingly asking Sam if Kevin got the time zones confused. Haha. And then we started kidding around about what a diva Kevin was. LOL.

Kevin Two Door Cinema Club
Kevin Two Door Cinema Club's autograph

By the time Kevin came down, it was close to 7 pm. πŸ™‚ At least he looked sheepish. Hehe.

After he quickly signed for us and took pictures, they all left for drinks at a bar nearby.

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