Review of Voca People live in Singapore

I went to watch the Voca People performance earlier today at the Expo Max Pavilion. It was a very last minute decision to go (since I only found out about it last week) and I must say that I have no regrets.

Voca People are supposed to be aliens from planet Voca behind the sun and they communicate by making sounds. They live by the mantra that “life is music; and music is life”.

Voca People are really an Israeli-based ensemble doing a capella and vocal theatre while combining them with beat-boxing. Between the 8 of them, they can reproduce the sounds created by an entire orchestra!

In their trademark white suits and white-painted faces and red lipstick, they are a complete joy to watch as they perform and get up to antics with the audience. They’re more like an interactive musical really. I laughed so hard through the show that I teared.

In fact, an hour into the show, my bladder was about the burst and I had to struggle to hold my bladder as I kept laughing. The laughs just keeps coming!

Since flash photograph isn’t allowed, I don’t have any photos or videos from the show today (to respect their artistic IP). This video is a pretty good summary of what happened during the show:

Absolutely fun! I’d watch them again the next time they come around with a new routine. 🙂

PS: The Tenor in the Singapore Tour is actually very good looking with a very lovely voice to boot. He came down and I was near enough to him to notice that beneath all the face paint, he has very nice facial features. Haha. Watch out for him if you are going! The shame that I do not know what his real name is. (The official website lists 3 tenors and I have no way of identifying which one it is!) If anyone knows who is he, please let me know. Thanks!

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