Shuimo Town (水磨镇)

Location of Shuimo Town

We arrived in Shuimo Town in time for lunch at this restaurant:

Awesome food!

I had to single out this restaurant because the food is simply delicious!! It’s the best meal on the entire tour! The vegetables were fresh, the soup was tasty and the meat (yak!) was tender! Awesome! (You can email me if want their address and/or number for reservations. Walk-in is possible.)

Anyway, before the earthquake, Shuimo Town is an industrial area. Badly damaged by the earthquake, a group of people aided by Foshan City in Guangdong decided to improve the city while rebuilding it.

They decided to rebuild Shuimo Town into a environmentally and tourist friendly town which showcases the influence of the mostly Qiang culture in the area.

Shuimo Town
Retaining the local Qiang flavour in the town
Shuimo Town
Shuimo Town
Shuimo Town

The reconstruction of Shuimo Town has received the “Global Best Implementation of Post-Disaster Reconstruction” award from the Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlement by the United Nations earlier this year in April 2011!

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