Thoughts to Start 2022


I was reflecting on 2021 and re-reading my first post of 2021. Back then, I said that I don’t think we’d be out of the woods in 2021 and I wasn’t wrong. 2021 wasn’t as shitty as 2020 for me personally but it just pretty “meh” overall.

I was watching the Mayday countdown livestream concert on Youtube last night and I realised that this is the 2nd year running I’ve been counting down with Mayday. LOL.

And earlier in the day, I was watching the SMTOWN Live Stream Concert 2022 as well. In a conversation I had with a friend, it hit me quite hard that many of the performers who used to come perform (and I used to fly to wherever) are not young anymore.

When this pandemic is over, how many of them would still be actively touring like pre-covid? Is that even possible? Also, how many of them would be playing their farewell concert? Would I be able to watch any of them again?

In other countries where in-person concerts have resumed, would I have the chance to go there to be part of the audience again?

So many questions.


In any case, there are still things to be grateful for despite the pandemic. I’m grateful that I

  1. have a job,
  2. a roof over my head,
  3. have not been sick,
  4. am physically and mentally healthier than before, and
  5. none of my friends died/was severely sick from covid.

grateful & thankful

I must say that there has definitely been some kind of an internal shift in me over the past year. I had thought I’d be one of those people who would rush out of the country when the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) opened but no, I didn’t even bother.

Also, I’m not sure what happened but I’ve also been sucked into the Mainland China dramas. I’m one of the 山人s and I have zero intention to 下山. LOL. #iykyk I’m like 50% in now. It’s almost like goodbye Seoul soon…?

We’ll see. After all, change is the only constant right?


Anyway, I think in the last 2 years, it became very clear to me (and I hope to all of you as well), what really matters in life. Do whatever that makes you happy but not at the expense of others’ of coz.

I think it’s also very important for all of us to go back to basics and be kinder to yourself, everyone, animals and the environment; can’t stress that last point enough. Everyone has a part to play and you don’t need to wait for someone to do it before you reciprocate/follow suit. I always say this and I will repeat it again: there is only one Earth and if we don’t protect and conserve it collectively, who will?

I’ll leave this thought here and here’s wishing you will have a better 2022! May we meet again in the queue at some concert somewhere in the world.

Be healthy and safe. Peace out.


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