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After visiting the Ancient Town of Luodai (洛带客家古城) and lunch, we were brought to a place where they would give us a free foot and shoulder massage. We knew that they would definitely try to sell us something as there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Everyone was on their guard.

True enough, it was some sort of a medical hall place and their aim as they claim was for us to experience their capabilities and then spread their capabilities by word of mouth.

Before I came on this trip, I’ve heard of a story from my colleague where his wife had a frozen shoulder and after “treatment” via some sort of qigong-ish “energy transfer” (watch a period swordsmen drama and you’ll know what I’m talking about). Apparently, it’s been at least 2 years since the “treatment” and his wife’s frozen shoulder issue didn’t recur. (She has tried western physiotherapy and the condition recurred after 6 months or so.)

Hearing the story, I got fascinated. I mean, you think that qigong and transfer of energy is something that you only watch in a period swordsmen dramaa/movie. I never really believed or thought that it was real let alone effective.

Tibetan-chinese doctor in action

So this dude in glasses in the photo above walks into the room whom they claim is a Tibetan-Chinese doctor. They singled out my “uncle” (close family friend) to be a sample case study/patient.

Without anyone of us saying a single word, he managed to highlight all the problems that my uncle was experiencing. I was definitely impressed. He then proceeded to use his “qi” to “unblock” some of the points in my uncle and that demonstration blew my mind.

My mother was standing right beside my uncle and she said she felt the energy of the doctor’s “qi” and it felt like electricity and that it was prickly. Also, my mother said that when the guy clenched his fist, she saw sparks! Seriously!

After clenching his fist, the doctor made a few stabbing actions at my uncle’s back. From where I was sitting (about 4m or so away), I could see spots on my uncle’s back. When we were back in the hotel later that night, we had a closer look at the skin and we saw that there were punctures in the skin, as if a needle had pierced the skin. There was absolutely no contact from the doctor dude at all! My uncle also said that as the doctor made those stabbing actions, he felt the pain as if something was stabbing him.

The doctor then determined my uncle’s level of toxin’s in his body to be very high and got him to go to his room for a private consultation. My mum and I went along to his room and what I saw totally blew my mind. All that I’ve learnt in school about physics, chemistry and biology could not explain what the doctor did at all.

Once again, using his “qi”, the doctor purged out the toxins on the surface of his liver (supposedly). He then sprayed a yellow liquid on my uncle’s skin and I was totally dumbfounded when some of the liquid turned red… in the shape of a liver! He repeated the process about 3 times before the liquid remained yellow and the doctor declared that whatever toxins he could purge has been purged.

I turned into a believer from that point onwards. As per western and chinese medicine, I believe 80% of what I’ve been told.

I must say that perhaps in our amazement, we spent about SGD5000++ on them herbs. The price is steep but buying a prevention is better than buying a cure right? I’m not sure at this point if it really works but hey, sometimes, you just gotta have faith.

Anyway, my mum and I did try to test him a little and got him to look at our health and condition. We wanted to see if he would try to sell us anything which he didn’t. We could be skeptical and say that my uncle has already spent SGD5k so he doesn’t need to push anything else to us but on the other hand, he did feel genuine and said that we didn’t even need to take any supplements at all because we were healthy. (I was honestly a little disappointed because I wanted to experience his “qi” but oh well, I’m healthy!)

In any case, my uncle is due for a medical checkup with the western medicine folks in about a month, I’ll update on the results of his medical check up in this same entry.

Also, if anyone is interested, this doctor is heading to Singapore in December 2011 on invitation by Chung Hwa (Zhong Hua) Medical Institution. His name is Wu Zhu Ping (吴珠平). You can check him out then.

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  1. I had the same encounter in Sept at Sichuan, the place is called 藏药文化养身堂 according to Chan Brother’s itinery.

    Like you i was very impressed and thought that we have finally found the right help for my parent’s health condition. We spent so much on the medication but have not seen much improvement. The more shocking thing is that I tried calling the mobile number on the namecard but cannot get through so i called Zhong Hua Medical Institution at Toa Payoh to enquire and was told there was no such things and many people have called regarding this !!

    I will definitely warn my friends to forget about going to China. This is obviously cheating, so unethical !!!

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