Giant and Baby Pandas

A trip to Chengdu is never complete without seeing the Giant Pandas.

Giant Pandas Research Facility

We were lucky enough to be there at a time when there were baby Giant Pandas of between 3-5 weeks old. I nearly died from the cuteness of the little baby Giant Pandas. They were absolutely adorable and I was so tempted to break the glass and take one home.

Everyone there from young to old were like “aaawwwww!!! I want one!!” the moment they saw the baby Giant Pandas. 🙂 Without further ado, I share with you the photos I took of the baby Pandas:

They’re totally cute aren’t they? 🙂

Anyway, in the same research facilities, they have Red Pandas too:

They look pretty fierce don’t they? But they’re pretty small compared the the Giant Pandas.

Regardless, all of them are lovely in their own way and deserve a place on this place to live on. Save the Earth people.

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