Enslaved: an MTV EXIT Special

I was invited to watch a special preview of “Enslaved: an MTV EXIT Special” narrated by Jared Leto yesterday.

The 30 minutes documentary showcases the account of 3 victims and their life in modern day slavery. It was definitely very sad to hear their stories of pain, fear and humilation. It is very disheartening to hear that such horrible practices still exists in our world today albeit a slightly different from from the ancient times.

The most interesting part of the documentary for me was to be able to hear the perspective of everyone in the trafficking chain: from the victims to the traffickers to the users of the victims.

Slavery and exploitation is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Everyone deserves to live with dignity. No one should live their lives in pain, fear and humiliation. If you suspect that someone is being enslaved and/or exploited, report it! It’s the least you can do.

Also, if you ever found out that someone is/was a victim of en-slavery and/or exploitation, do not ever discriminate against them. They didn’t ask to be victims.

To find out more about about MTV EXIT’s campaign to end human trafficking, please go to their website: www.mtvexit.org.

You can watch “Enslaved: an MTV EXIT Special narrated by Jared Leto” when it premieres this Saturday 17 September 2011 12.30 PM (WIB), 1:30 PM (SG/HK/PHIL), 2:30 PM (MAL)

The replays will be aired as follows:

Wednesday, 21st September: 11.30 PM (WIB)

Thursday, 22nd September: 12:30 AM (SG/HK/PHIL), 1:30 AM (MAL)

Saturday, 24th September: 6 PM (WIB), 7 PM (SG/HK/PHIL), 8 PM (MAL)

Finally, you should watch the documentary because it’s social responsibility and there is Jared Leto looking earnestly at you (via your TV of course). What more reason do you need?

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