a1, Blue and Jeff Timmons arrival in Singapore 2012

Today started out like crap at work but it ended on a really happy note. a1, Blue and Jeff Timmons arrived in Singapore earlier today from Jakarta.

I still love a1 to bits from day 1 back in the late 90s. So when I saw Ben, Christian and Mark again for the first time in 10 years (yes, that’s the last time a1 were here in Singapore), I was shaking in excitement. That would also explain why I didn’t manage to get any photos of them at the airport. Haha. Coz I was trembling so much that all the photos came out blur.

The guys of a1 look exactly the same from 10 years ago. It’s incredible! In fact, the guys of Blue and Jeff Timmons look exactly the same as the posters you see of them. The posters definitely hasn’t been photoshopped much.

Blue was here late last year for the ION anniversary party so I didn’t ask them to sign anything. I already have so many autographs and photos of them from that ION trip and the years before. If I manage to dig out extra autographs, is anyone interested?

I was really there to see Jeff Timmons and get my a1 album (Waiting For Daylight) signed. This is Jeff Timmons’ first trip to Singapore! In the flesh, I can totally see why he got that stint to be a Chippendale for a while. He is smokin’ hot!

Anyway, enough of talk and here are the photos from the arrival today. Enjoy!

Lee Ryan
Simon Webbe, Ben Adams, Mark Read and Antony Costa
Simon Webbe's back and Antony Costa
Lee Ryan
Simon Webbe
Duncan James
Jeff Timmons
Jeff Timmons
Ritual photo with Jeff Timmons. 🙂
Jeff Timmons' autograph
My signed "Waiting For Daylight" (a1) album. 🙂

7 thoughts on “a1, Blue and Jeff Timmons arrival in Singapore 2012

    1. oh yeah! i didn’t realise how much i missed a1 until I saw them again. I got so excited that my friends had to keep telling me to calm down. hahaha…

  1. hi! How did you get to know where to meet them at the airport? Would have loved to go. When will they leave Singapore? Which terminal? Can you share the information, if you know, please?    🙂   Rhys

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