Ryan Kwanten in Singapore

OMFG!!! I just met Ryan Kwanten aka Jason Stackhouse from True Blood. I so am crying and shaking with excitement!!

I was such a fangirl and he looked really amused by how excited and starstuck we were.

He is such a softspoken sweetie. <3 Nothing like the Stackhouse dumb bitch character he plays in True Blood. 🙂

In my confused and starstrucked state, I actually remembered to ask him if he wears a sock on set. His reply? “Sometimes.” *explode*

Here are the low res pics of Ryan Kwanten and his autograph:


Ryan Kwanten's autograph

4 thoughts on “Ryan Kwanten in Singapore

  1. omg! youre so lucky! i was busy working and didnt have the time to stalk during the SIFF. did he have a gorgeous australian accent? 😉

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