Sights and Sounds at the 2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix – Saturday

The second day of the 2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix was probably the most important day as Shakira was meant to be headlining the entertainment for the night! It was also the night where the positions of the cars on the grid were determined.

We entered Zone 4 to watch the Free Practice 3 so that we could be near to the Padang for Shakira’s performance later in the night. Before that, we went to watch Rick Astley!

Rick Astley packing in the crowds at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Rick Astley is such a guilty pleasure. Hahaha. I know that he is cheesy as hell but I can’t help liking his hits. Haha. I’m a fan of the Zouk Mambo Wednesdays.

Eddie Jordan taking a group photo with Rick Astley and his band

The surprise of the performance was when Rick Astley got Eddie Jordan out on stage to play the drums as he sang “Never Gonna Give You Up”. I must say that I was super stoked to see Eddie Jordan. I’ve been watching some of the BBC F1 coverage and I’m such a fan of EJ, Jake and DC!!

Anyway, at the last minute, Shakira rescheduled to perform at 8.10pm instead of her scheduled 11.15pm. 🙁 It turns out that she wanted to reschedule so that she could fly back to Barcelona immediately after her performance to support her boyfriend in his first match after his injury hiatus. The power of love!

Shakira getting some girls to shake their booty on stage

I must say that after 4 songs, we left. Shakira was mostly singing in Spanish and mi no comprehende. The only song I knew was “Whenever, Wherever”. Then again, I’m not that major a Shakira fan. She is good live but I’m just not that much of a fan of her music.

Boy George and his back up singer

Yes, I walked away from a Shakira concert to go and watch Boy George perform instead. Haha. I told you that I’m a Zouk Mambo Wednesdays fan. I love my 80s disco hits!

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