Sights and Sounds at the 2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix – Sunday

In the blink of an eye, we’ve come to the Race Day. In the circuit grounds, there was a buzz and excitement in the air.

F1 fans were in for a treat as it was race day and the Singapore track has a record of at least 1 appearance of the Mercedes AMG SLS Safety Car. Non-F1 fans came along as well because Linkin Park was headlining the post-race concert that night! It wasn’t something to be missed.

Fernando Alonso during the drivers parade

I got into the race grounds with just enough time to get a relatively good spot to watch the race just before the drivers parade. It was really interesting to note that where I was standing, people only cared about Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, a bit about Kamui Kobayashi and a lot about Mark Webber. People just clapped as Sebastian Vettel passed and with Mark Webber right behind Vettel, a huge cheer erupted as he passed. It was quite amusing really.

Rick Astley again!

After the drivers parade, I went to catch Rick Astley perform again. Haha. After his first song, I left to try to catch a glimpse of the grid presentation. I only got close enough to watch the grid girls forming up their lines.

Grid girls

I was too far from the start/finish line so I didn’t bother to wait for the cars to be brought out on the grid and I left to grab dinner. And as I ate my dinner, needless to say, I was watching Rick Astley perform. :p

I made it back to my spot at Turn 3 in time to watch the installation lap and the race subsequently. This year, I couldn’t be bothered to try to take any pictures of the race. I’d take pictures if someone crashed in front of me but that didn’t happen. There was quite a spectacular (but scary at that time) crash by Michael Schumacher during the race at about turn 8.

Anyway, at the end of the race this year, we had fireworks!! It was a first!!


I love fireworks so this was totally awesome! After that, we quickly walked over to the gate to enter the track but alas, this year, they didn’t open the gate in time for anyone to go join in the podium celebration and champagne showers. :(:(:( That is one of the best parts of being near the start/finish line in Formula 1! Pretty disappointed actually.

On air with the BBC Sports post race coverage

Still, after we walked down the pit straight, we managed to see Jake Humphrey and Eddie Jordan still doing some live and on air post race coverage. It sure was fun to jostle among the other fans and chant: “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!….. Nice shirt! Nice shirt! Nice shirt!” Hahaha.

Car weigh-in

Anyway, after that, we watched the marshals wheeling the cars in one by one to be weighed.  I think I was too excited with the podium celebrations and champagne showers last year to see this bit. It’s pretty interesting.

The rest of the cars in the queue to be weighed

From the pit lane start, we walked the track down to the Padang to watch the super freaking awesome Linkin Park performance! It was a long walk so I missed a good 30 minutes or so of the concert. Still, I managed to catch Faint, Numb, Bleed It Out and more for the last 30 – 40 minutes left of the concert. Top notch!! Linkin Park is always fantastic to watch live on stage.

I seriously hope that Singapore extends the Singapore Grand Prix beyond 2012. It would be such a huge void in the calendar in Singapore if the Grand Prix is not extended. The Singapore Grand Prix is truly a world class sports and entertainment event with enough glamour and prestige that can rival any event in Hollywood, Vegas and Monaco!

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