Westlife arrival in Singapore

Westlife arrived in Singapore late afternoon yesterday and was greeted at the airport by about 100 plus or more screaming fans. It’s been about 5 years since their last trip here and it’s interesting to note that they still have screaming fans in Singapore.

My crappy photo of Westlife walking out of the baggage claim area. Who do you spot?

It was also quite funny that Nicky and Kian were recording the screaming fans as they walked out. It was almost like they were reliving their former glory.

Don’t get me wrong, I still kinda like Westlife song (more that I’d actually admit) but Westlife is no longer at the top of the game. I have friends who tell me that back in the UK, Westlife can’t even fill up a room for 1,000. So to those people, they find it extremely hilarious that Westlife still can get a screaming reception at the airport upon arrival in Asia.

That said, Westlife did not sign any autographs or take pictures with fans at the airport. Most seem quite contented that they even got to see Westlife in the flesh really.

Finally, I did hear that some fans managed to find out which Westlife was staying in and managed to get the whole band to sign an autograph for them. Lucky.

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