David Garrett arrival in Singapore

David Garrett arrived in Singapore earlier today just in time for his showcase at Avalon later tonight. When he walked out from the baggage claim area, it was pretty evident that he was sleeping on the plane. His long hair was tied into a mini-bun and he was wearing a bandana. He looked seriously sexy.

When David Garrett walked out, he looked a little bit confused as to where he was supposed to go so I decided to call him. (We were standing ahead of the folks who were supposed to pick him up.) Initially, David Garrett thought that I was supposed to pick him up until I asked him for an autograph. Hahaha. He was really surprised and good-naturedly went, “So soon already?” (Meaning so soon off the plane he had to work. It’s a lifestyle sexy.)

After he signed autographs for us, we asked him for a photo. He was a little reluctant initially to take a photo coz he was concerned about how disheveled he looked. He has no idea how much that “I just woke up” look suits him. So I said, “You look hot still.” He started laughing and said, “You are funny.” and of coz, he smiled really nicely in my photo with him. Hahaha.

Seriously, from the last time David Garrett was in town to promote his first album, he has gotten so much sexier. He appears to have lost quite a bit of weight as well. His English is so much better now and his accent is more American than German too.

If you think I’m being biased and raving about David Garrett, you are absolutely right. He so totally deserves to be raved about!

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