Greyson Chance Showcase in Singapore 2011 Review

Greyson Chance is awesome!

I’m not saying that because he is cute. He truly is talented and has a really good voice. In fact, when he’s up there on the stage playing on the piano, I see him as the male (and less dramatic) version of Lady Gaga when she was 14. He gives me that feeling when he is on the stage. Greyson Chance definitely has a long career ahead of him.

Anyway, Greyson Chance did 6 songs during the 30 mins or so showcase. And just so you know, he did all 6 songs acoustic; the last song was with a beats track.

Here’s the setlist for the showcase:

  1. Unfriend You
  2. Hold On ‘Til The Night
  3. Home is in Your Eyes
  4. Paparazzi (cover of Lady Gaga)
  5. Cheyenne
  6. Encore: Waiting Outside the Lines

And here’s what you all are most interested in, the photos from the showcase. Enjoy!

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