Rubylux at the Green Festival at Indochine Singapore

Someone passed me a pair of tickets for the Rubylux gig last night at Indochine. I was planning to chill at home for the night but I couldn’t pass up for a chance at a gig and to check out new music so I went down.

Cats in the Cradle opened for Rubylux with a whole load of covers (they’re a cover band just so you know).

Cats in the Cradle

They were pretty good and was all rock despite not looking the part. It was very interesting to note that they kept introducing the songs by the artist name. Like when they did The Script’s “For The First Time”, they were like, “The next song is The Script.” It was a little like wtf? The Script has so many songs. How do I know which song are you going to sing?

Anyway, after a 45 minutes or so set from them, there was a 40 minutes break before Rubylux hit the stage.


They started their set with the slower songs before launching into the harder stuff. They’re pretty good though I must say that they’re not exactly my type of music.

Overall, I had a pretty nice time; nice weather, good music, nice place and free drinks. What more could I ask for? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rubylux at the Green Festival at Indochine Singapore

  1. I was there too. Almost gone back if the cover band played one more song. Rubylux wasnt bad but sad to see almost 6o% of the people left after their first set. Anyway what the hell is this green festival thing? What is so green about having a gig with lots of booze but only a handful turnout? When I left 3 song after the 2nd set, the place is almost empty.

    1. I have no idea what the Green Festival is about too to be honest. I only went because a friend won tickets and couldn’t go. While writing up this blog article, I did try to google more information about this Green Festival but nothing much came up.

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