A Song To Remember presents A Most Unforgettable Evening

So there was this themed night that Mediacorp Singapore did as part of the promotional activities for their blockbuster series “A Song To Remember”.

For someone like me who has given up on tv (mostly because there’s youtube and that my Dad keeps hogging the tv), I honestly had no idea what was going on that night really. I didn’t know what show it was or who the actors and actresses were even.

Some of the cast members in A Song To Remember

In fact, some of the members turned up that night for a short interview but unfortunately, I have not watched any shows from Mediacorp for so long that I don’t know who they were. Hahaha. Only May Phua seems vaguely familiar.

Regardless, from the various bits and pieces of the series that they played on the screens that night, it looked quite interesting and I just might give it a go and watch it over XIN MSN.

Has anyone watched this show yet? Anything thoughts/comments/etc?

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