Interview with Vanness Wu

So as I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, here’s the audio recording of the round table interview with Vanness Wu:

I know that the quality is not fantastic but hey, I’m no sound engineer and I only aim to make the recording audible. That said, Vanness was literally whispering through the whole session and even when I was sitting an arm’s length away from him, I could hardly hear him!

It was interesting to note that when Vanness first sat down, his body language was so defensive: folded arms and he sat cross-legged. He did relax a few minutes later and used his hands to gesture quite a bit when he talked.

The interview was conducted mostly in Mandarin because Vanness is a C-pop artist essentially and the interview was dominated by this woman from SPH who writes for one of their chinese papers.

If you listen to the interview at the 11:45 mark, you’ll hear the SPH journalist asking Vanness if “getting married was on the to-do list”. Vanness replied, “Of course! Isn’t it for everybody?” What the audio recording couldn’t capture was that at that moment, I shook my head. Beneath the laughter from the other 3 people in that session, Vanness did reach over to nudge me on the knee to tell me that I should want to get married. LOL.

Also, in the last entry, I mentioned how the following photo had a story behind the smile?

Well, here it is: since I usually upload a picture with the artist, I went to ask Vanness if we could take a picture together. He was like, “sure” and then he started to convince me that I should get married, I will get married, I want to get married and I deserve to get married. Hahahaha. Seriously! He is worse than my mother. :p

That said, I seriously do not understand why it is important for the journalists to ask when the artist is going to get married. It’s not like you’re going to get invited to the wedding or that you’ll get to be godparent to their kid(s). Unless you’re buddies with the artist, it’s a different story.

Also, Vanness was in town to promote his new album “C’est La V” but yet the SPH journalist kept asking him questions about the movie that he filmed 3 years ago. Weird.

Anyway, it was interesting and nice to sit down/hangout with Vanness for this round table interview session. It gave me a different perspective of Vanness as a person and artist.

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