Interview with Vanness Wu

So as I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, here’s the audio recording of the round table interview with Vanness Wu: I know that the quality is not fantastic but hey, I’m no sound engineer and I only aim to make the recording audible. That said, Vanness was literally whispering through the whole session and even when I was sitting an arm’s length away from him, … Continue reading Interview with Vanness Wu

Vanness Wu in Singapore (December 2011)

The awesome people at MTV Asia asked me to interview Vanness Wu earlier today. Honestly, I was a little intimidated because this blog of mine has always been pretty fan experience/opinion based. This would be a first to be interacting with a celebrity/artist with them thinking that I’m from some media entity. I was hesitant to accept the offer initially because I was worried about … Continue reading Vanness Wu in Singapore (December 2011)