Post Super Show 4 Singapore thoughts Part 2

While I enjoyed myself a lot during the Super Show 4, it occurred to me that someone did  not pass the Super Junior guys the memo about how most Singaporeans can understand some Chinese even if they’re not ethnically Chinese.

It was hysterical to watch them try to speak in English but at the same time, I know most of them can speak a little bit of mandarin because they’re Super Junior M members too. It would have been so much easier if they spoke in Chinese and there would have been so much more interaction as well. Oh well.

Also, I was very surprised by how many non-Singaporean ELFs there were in the audience. When Teukie mentioned Indonesia, the cheers were really loud. I was honestly quite shocked. I’d guess that a good one-third or half of the stadium were actually ELFs who have flown in from the region to watch the concert?

While I’m very sure that the Singapore Tourism Board would be very happy to hear this, I was honestly a little sad because I know that there were so many other Singaporean ELFs who wouldn’t get any tickets at all!

Also, post concert, I’ve read tweets about how there were some rowdy Indonesian fans in the mosh pit. I’m not sure who they are but I’m quite sure that if you were in the mosh pit with them, you’ll know who they are. I also read that a barricade fell over at some point during the concert and people fell.

People, never EVER push or try to get too near the front of the stage during a performance. The truth is that the performer almost always never see you when they’re on stage, so don’t bother. Even if they see you, they won’t remember you unless you have been there at every single non-concert event.

Also, I saw many ELFs throwing stuff on the stage to give the guys. Let me give you another truth, most of the time, they don’t take the stuff that you throw on stage for them. I’m not sure if you noticed but during the concert, they didn’t pick anything up from the stage floor and if they did, they’ll hold it for a while and then throw it to the audience at the other side of the stadium.

That said, please do not spend too much money to buy anything for your idols (not just Super Junior). They earn way more money than you and I’m sure they can afford to buy whatever they want. And do not throw anything on stage for them as it might cause them to trip and hurt themselves!

Finally, I found it a bit odd that no one claps or crabs as Kyuhyun puts it after a song. It’s definitely a very odd experience for me. The audience reaction were so synchronised at times it felt like it was rehearsed and I didn’t get the invite to the practice or something. Was quite glad that I did some homework before the concert and learnt the fan chats for Mr Simple, A-cha and Oppa Oppa otherwise I would definitely felt left out. Haha.

I would have loved to be at the second performance of Super Show 4 today but tickets are scarce and I should let others have a chance to experience the charms of Super Junior. It’s really quite hard not to love the boys of Super Junior and their antics.

슈퍼 주니어이 영원히 사랑해! 화이팅!

And here are the other photos:

from the opening video (one of my faves)
Our lovely President -- Leeteuk!
Henry during his solo
Do Re Mi

The Eternal Maknae pose

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