Post Super Show 4 Singapore thoughts Part 5 (videos)

This should be the last blog entry about Super Show 4 Singapore. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Here’s to Super Show 5!!

Here’s a bit of Opera. I would have recorded more of Opera but where I cut, the security dude came down and hauled a girl out in the section beside me.

This video is the end/encore bit of Destiny. Hyukjae is too white. Lol…

And here is the last 5 minutes of day 1 of Super Show 4 Singapore where the boys walk around the stadium to wave to their fans. Look out for a KyuWon moment around the 00:27 mark. 🙂 Also, at the 02:18 mark, Teuk was a bit random in thanking PJ (?) from 3rd Wave Music. You can hear the audience laughing at Teuk’s reaction.

I still think that hauling people out and making them delete footage/photos of their concerts was unnecessary. I know it was SM Entertainment’s request but seriously, what’s the point? It wasn’t like those ELFs were using professional DSLRs/video recorders. If it was a DSLR/professional equipment and they’re not authorized media/photographers, I can understand why but those girls were using a compact camera!

Honestly, when the clamp down on concert regulations get overly strict, it totally mars the whole concert experience. Taking photos and making bootleg videos are part of the concert going experience! It is a souvenir of the memory that was then.

Furthermore, it feels like we’re always short changed in Singapore! We already are paying more for concert tickets relative to the rest of the region and we can’t take photos/videos when it’s not even strictly enforced at the concerts in Seoul, Osaka and Taiwan! (Trust me, I know coz I was on twitter and following the various Super Show 4 concerts via live tweets from the ELFs at the concert.) This is ridiculous!

Anyway, I’m done with ranting.

Big thanks to everyone to had made this concert possible. Dear Running Into The Sun, how about a Super Junior M date next time?

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