Girls’ Generation/SNSD performance at Twin Towers @live 2012

I went over to the Twin Towers @live 2012 concert at KLCC earlier and man, there were so many people there! I would guess that there is at least 20,000 people minimum squeezed into that tiny space to see Girls’ Generation/SNSD live for the first time in Malaysia!

I make that last remark because after Girls’ Generation was done with their 6 song set, almost everyone started to leave the place.

Honestly, I left as well. I didn’t get to watch Nicole Scherzinger again as I had to go back to the hotel and wait for Daniel to arrive. Was a little sad but it’s ok, I’ve watched Nicole Scherzinger live 4 times by now.

Anyway, I’m not a SONE and I wanted to watch them perform live to see if they live up to the hype. As I expected, they could dance but their vocals were quite weak (I know the sound system contributed as well). However, comparing Girls’ Generation/SNSD to Nicole Scherzinger, I’d say that Nicole was the stronger singer and dancer but Girls’ Generation/SNSD had the more fun songs.

Still, I must say that I did have fun watching them because their songs are so fun and catchy! Hahaha. I actually knew all the songs that they sang!

Here’s their setlist:

  1. The Boys (Korean version)
  2. Genie
  3. Run Devil Run
  4. Hoot
  5. Mr Taxi
  6. Gee

Not sure if I missed anything though. Thanks to the commenter for reminding me about “Run Devil Run”. Do let me know if I messed up the sequence as well. Oh, also, in case you were wondering, the girls were dressed in white.

I’ll add photos and videos that turned out ok when I get back to Singapore and have access to a computer.

[Update | 26 March 2012]

So here are the photos from Twin Towers @live 2012.

Check out the crowd at about 4pm. SNSD performed at 9pm.
Bored while waiting for SNSD to come on stage. I really like the illuminated Towers. Very pretty.
Here's my view that night. I was too late to get anywhere near the stage. Plus I didn't know how to get fanzone tickets.
The signs that SONEs used that night coz it was too last minute to make proper banners.
The girls... I don't know who is who. Lol. Sorry.
Ok, I know Sunny (coz of her hair). I don't know who is the other girl.
Ok, I have no idea who they are as well...

Videos would take a while to compress… hang in there.

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