One Direction On The Road Again Tour Live in Singapore 2015 Post Mortem

One Direction (On The Road Again, Singapore 2015)
One Direction (On The Road Again, Singapore 2015)

Honestly, it still hasn’t sank in that One Direction came to Singapore and I went for the On The Road Again Tour. It just feels so unreal.

This is the first concert that I bought tickets 9 months in advance for. It’s quite literally a record. Then again, it’s also one of the rare concerts that the tickets went on sale so early in advance.

I had a great time and enjoyed myself at the concert in Standing Pen B. I was supposed to be in Standing Pen A but because we arrived quite late, we just went straight in thinking that we could enter from wherever and just walk over like in the Indoor Stadium but boy were we wrong. The ushers actually told us to exit and re-enter but it stated very clearly on the ticket that there was no re-entry.The ushers are so fail. So in the end, we’re like “whatever” and just remained in Pen B.

Inside Singapore National Stadium
Inside Singapore National Stadium

We got the discounted stage but it was still alright I guess. I haven’t been to another #OTRA date with the full stage works so I can’t compare. Apparently, there was supposed to be portions of the stage which would elevate and all. Sound-wise, it was excellent because I was standing in front of the speakers. LOL.

I was actually told by someone that the acoustics in the National Stadium was designed to have lots of reverberation which is ideal for sporting events. However, a concert needs a different type of acoustic so the National Stadium isn’t ideal for concerts. You guys have been informed. If you ever attend another concert there, choose the ticket which allows you to be close to the speakers so the loud music drowns out the reverberation.

Also, I understand that there was supposed to be pyrotechnics during the last song, “Best Song Ever”. BUT apparently…

Which is bullshit really. We can do pyrotechnics in the Indoor Stadium which is even smaller and enclosed as well so the “closed roof” is just an excuse and totally LAME. I’d guess it was more of a cost versus the hassle of making a permit application issue than anything else really.

I heard some comments from my friends that the lighting was bad but then again, they were at the seats and I was in the standing pen. It was totally ok from the standing pen. 🙂 Once again, it’s all about being close enough to the stage. The moment I walked into the venue and I saw how far the seats were from the stage, I knew that the seats were mostly crap and the standing pens was definitely the right choice of tickets to buy. It doesn’t matter if you are short, you just have to stand a bit further behind, outside the crowd and you can still get a better view of the stage and the boys than compared to the people at the seats.

All that aside, how beautiful is the human being that is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles, One Direction (On The Road Again, Singapore 2015)
Harry Styles, One Direction (On The Road Again, Singapore 2015)

Harry has been my favourite from day 1 and after the concert, it just reinforces my impression of him. He has the loveliest and best voice within One Direction. The rest of the boys aren’t shit vocally, just that in terms of vocal projection, control and support, Harry is definitely the best. It also is such a bonus that Harry is so fit and that glorious head of curly hair. *dreamy sigh*

Anyway, there was just something about the One Direction guys when you see them in person. They are also more handsome than they look in photos.

I didn’t bother to track the set list for the concert because you can just easily google it. It was amazing and super fun to hear “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Best Song Ever” live. It was also nice to hear “Night Changes” which is one of my favourite One Direction songs being performed live!

It was a great and enjoyable concert overall. One Direction does live up to most the hype actually. Amazing!

Finally, here are my photos which turned out decent from the “On The Road Again” Tour Singapore. Enjoy yourselves! ^^

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