Twin Towers @Live 2012

Given that F1 Rocks KL has been cancelled, the organizers in Malaysia are scrambling around no doubt. Imagine their credibility or lack thereof to boast such a huge event only to announce that it’ll be cancelled like 3 days before the event.

I must say that I was so disappointed and sad when I heard that F1 Rocks KL was cancelled. I had already booked my flight and accommodation to go see Kelis at F1 Rocks! Dammit! The amount of distress I had to go through.

Fortunately for me (at least), another concert organizer has quickly announced that they’ll do “Twin Towers @Live” to replace the F1 Rocks event. The line up announced so far are pretty much the same as with F1 Rocks but sans Kylie. Dammit, I’m even going up to KL for F1 Rocks BECAUSE of Kylie!

Anyway, the upshot of everything is that Twin Towers @Live is now a free public event. That makes me feel a bit better now that I’ll get to watch the concert on both days instead of just one day. However, it still hasn’t been announced about where exactly, who on which day and how the entry to the concert will happen. Get ready for me ranting on twitter about this. Haha.

So far, it’s been announced that international acts Nicole Scherzinger, Orianthi and Kelis will be performing over the 2-day event. South Korean group Girls’ Generation/SNSD are also confirmed to perform. Malaysian acts James Baum, Reshmonu and Faizal Tahir have been confirmed so far. It’s said that there’ll be other Malaysian acts to be added as well.

I’m not sure who is performing on which day though. So far, I’m only very sure that Orianthi will be performing on Friday and Kelis on Saturday. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out somehow.

Hashtag: #TwinTowersLive

[Update | 22 March 2012]

Okay, so Nicole Scherzinger and Girls’ Generation will perform on 23 March and Kelis and Orianthi will perform on 24 March.

There’s apparently some ticketed zone thing and it’s free to the public in other areas? Damn these last minute changes!

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