Kelis at Twin Towers @live 2012

Kelis’ milkshake definitely brought all the boys and girls to the yard. She is awesome to watch live!

I must say that I’m really happy that she did “Lil’ Star”, “A Capella”, “Trick You” and “Milkshake”; those are my favourite tracks from her!

As expected, the turnout today was mediocre if you have seen the turnout yesterday. Still there must have been a few thousand people there… Around 10,000 or so I suppose.

When we arrived at the venue, we were really shocked to see that Kelis had just arrived and was walking in front of us. We actually panicked and when we tried asking Kelis to sign, she said after the show.

We did wait after till the show and Kelis was true to her word. (She came out more than 1 hour after her performance.) She was totally nice and very friendly! She signed everything and took photos with everyone as well! She actually took her time to sign and personalize the autograph for too! So sweet of her!

So as usual, here’s the photo I took with Kelis and her autograph. I know I look like crap so please bear with it…



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