SPOTTED: Maksim Mrvica in Singapore 2012

I was about to start blogging about the interview with Maksim earlier today but I realised that I can’t do it (and also, I have a very early start and late finish tomorrow as well). LOL. I am still fangirling over Maksim. So I might as well just get some of the excitement out of my system first. Hehehe.

First up, big thanks to the cool people at Midas Promotions and Universal Music Singapore who slipped me into one of the roundtable interview sessions at such short notice.

If you don’t know who Maksim is, you are missing out. Maksim is one of the world’s best classical crossover pianist. As a world class classical pianist, he loves electronic music and we get a song like this:

and this is a video of one of his live performance:

He is so fascinating to watch live because of his incredible skill and talent. The speed at which he plays and just looking at his hands and fingers is quite something in itself.

I didn’t fully realise how talented he really is until the interview session. LOL. He can practise 2 days for a piece that his piano teacher thought he spent a week on. Dammit.

I am actually learning how to play the piano (at an extremely leisurely pace). After hearing how he practises so little and can still play so well, I actually kinda feel a little demoralized. Lol. Still, an amateur like me shouldn’t compare myself to an award winning world class pianist like him right? If only I could play at 40% level of how he plays…. I’m not asking for much really.

Also, I guess because I have classical music training previously that I am fully in awe of his skill and talent. I do know that classical music isn’t something that any person in the street can understand and appreciate as it is not always about the melody.

Anyway, I’ll end off with a video of one of my all time favourite Maksim songs. Pictures with Maksim and his autograph after the video:

I'm actually tip-toeing and he is crouching down a little. He is so tall... T.T
I’m actually tip-toeing and he is crouching down a little. He is so tall… T.T
Maksim's autograph
Maksim’s autograph

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