MTV Sessions with James Morrison @ Waterfront Studios, RWS

Zesta presents MTV Sessions

So, in the end, I did managed to score an invite to the exclusive MTV Sessions: James Morrison showcase earlier today at the Waterfront Studios at Resorts World Sentosa.

I practically in tears when I found out that James Morrison was the artists to be featured in the second installment of the MTV Sessions series. Needless to say, when I realised that I’m going to see James Morrison live for the first time ever, I shed a tear.

MTV Session: James Morrison, stage

The stage was very simple, just a project screen where they flashed some backdrop which I didn’t really notice really. I was very focused with looking at James Morrison the entire time. (No photos from me sorry, coz they didn’t allow photo-taking this time during the taping. I’ll upload the official photos as soon as the folks at MTV Asia sends them over.)

MTV Sessions: James Morrison
Photo (C) MTV Asia/Aloysius Lim

Anyway, James Morrison is a really funny guy. Haha. Typical British and their sense of humour. After singing the first song, “In My Dreams”, he was joking about how he was nervous with so many eyes staring at him and how the audience was thinking about “how much uglier I look in person” and “what a big nose” he has. LOL.

Some girl in the front said something which I couldn’t really hear but it was along the lines of how he wasn’t ugly or something and then James said, “I was only joking. Actually, I know that I’m good looking.”

MTV Sessions: James Morrison
Photo (C) MTV Asia/Aloysius Lim

Also, it was James Morrison’s first time in Asia (not just Singapore) and he was going on about how hot it was and that they wouldn’t let him take off his denim jacket coz he was wearing white underneath or something like that. He then started to go on about how the girls would be like, “Take it off!” and the guys must be thinking “Please don’t”. I was very tempted to shout “TAKE IT OFF!” lol but I didn’t in the end because I was worried about being the reason for a NG in the recording.

The funniest part of the night was when James Morrison shared a story of a time when he was in America and writing songs for “The Awakening”. This is where I won’t describe what happened and you’ll have to watch it when this episode of MTV Sessions broadcast. James Morrison impersonated Michael Jackson and it was EPIC!! You HAVE TO see him impersonate Michael Jackson, it’s really priceless!

Anyway, just so you know, immediately after the taping was over, James Morrison ripped off his jacket. Hahaha. The face he made then was also epic. Shame it’s not part of the recording.

MTV Sessions: James Morrison
Photo (C) MTV Asia/Aloysius Lim

James Morrison is such an underrated artist! He deserves so much more attention than he is getting. Don’t quote me on this but I think the odds of James Morrison coming back for a concert looks quite favourable. We can hope!

Finally, here’s the setlist:

  1. In My Dreams
  2. This Boy (James Morrison says that he wrote this song for his mum but she thought that the song was rubbish. LOL. Poor boy.)
  3. I Won’t Let You Go (I teared when he started singing this song. True story.)
  4. You Give Me Something
  5. Up
  6. Person I Should Have Been
  7. Slave To The Music
  8. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
  9. Broken Strings
  10. Wonderful World

MTV Sessions: James Morrison will premiere on MTV Asia on 28 April 2012 at 6pm (SH/HK/PH), 5 pm (WIB) and 10pm (MY).

Here are the broadcast premiere dates for the other countries:

MTV Vietnam on Thursday 3 May, 10pm
MTV China on Tuesday 8 May, 6pm
MTV Taiwan on Sunday 20 May, 3pm

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