Megan Lee’s Performance at Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore Day 2

Once again, Sungha Jung was the guitarist for Megan Lee’s performance.

Sungha Jung and Megan Lee performing together
Sungha Jung and Megan Lee performing together

For Day 2 of the Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore, they did 4 songs:

  • Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele
  • Mama Do by Pixie Lott
  • Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Here are the videos of the performances:

Megan forgot some of the words in the second verse of Sunday Morning and she smoothly went on and I actually didn’t notice that she forgot the words until she went “…. something something something till it ends…”.

The audience were really supportive and forgiving by clapping and cheering her on.

It was after the performance that got interesting. Haha. Utt kept them on stage for a chat.
Utt asked Megan to tell the audience something about Sungha and Sungha was to say something about Megan.

When Megan said that Sungha was quiet and doesn’t talk much but once he warms up to you, he is really sweet and cute (something along that line). Utt picked up on that and made Megan repeat that Sungha was cute a few times until she realised what Utt was driving at and added that “Sungha was like a brother”.

Also, because Sungha’s command of English isn’t as good as Megan’s he pretty much repeated a lot of what Megan says so he was ended up saying that Megan is cute as well.

Utt continued to tease them for a while and actually made them hold hands on stage like a “brother-sister” thing (quite awkwardly) much to the amusement of everyone.

Being teased by Utt. © (x)clusive.
Being teased by Utt. © (x)clusive.

Utt, you are so bad!

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