Nat Ho — Unleashed

I was reading news off Yahoo! when I came across this article and music video from Singaporean actor Nat Ho called “Unleashed”:

While I was quite impressed with the budget and overall effect of the music video, there are still a lot of things which can and needs to be improved if I am going to take Nat Ho seriously as a singer.

By Singaporean standards, this video and song can be considered one of the better English pop offerings out there. This song actually has potential to be a hit but it’s marred by the sound production. Despite being autotuned, the vocals were still weak when put with the music. I don’t know if this is a result of poor sound engineering, recording equipment or the  actual vocals or all of the above.

Also, I didn’t really like the cinematography of the video. What’s with all the lights and foggy effects? Around the 3:30 mark of the video, all I see is light. That is not cool at all. It’s like shining lights into my eyes. It is annoying.

Made in Singapore music videos tend to have this soft lighting effect in the video which actually makes the video look like a budget project and loses all the finesse that this video should have in this given concept.

Still, I have hope that someday, just someday, there’ll be a SG wave that would take the world by storm. Just don’t know if it will be in my lifetime.

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