MCM at the Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore Closing Night

Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore came to a close last night at the Marina Bay Sands
Convention Hall with a spectacular from Germany brand MCM.

The show started with a performance by Bie Kpn from Thailand.

Bie Kpn
Bie Kpn

After that they started the show proper with the new collection from MCM.

What I thought was pretty cool was how they actually customised 4 segways with the signature MCM fabric.

There was another performance by a B-boy group (didn’t catch the name) as well.

I also thought it was pretty cool how they closed the show with a bang and lots of confetti.

There after, it was a gala dinner and a post show party performance by Singaporean singer
Eli T.

Eli T
Eli T

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