Direct Influence at Music Matters Live 2012

Direct Influence is an electro/raggae group based in Melbourne, Australia. I didn’t realise that Direct Influence is actually a 6-piece band actually since only Dylan Smith and Marcus Ross were present.

Marcus Ross, Direct Influence
Dylan Smith, Direct Influence

I first saw them performing on the main stage at the Clarke Quay Fountain Square and I found their brand of electro very interesting and unique. I have never heard electro like these guys do it before.

Needless to say, I dragged Daniel to go see Direct Influence again when they performed at The Arena. I mean why not since Direct Influence was performing after Manafest at the same place and we were already there.

Direct Influence performing at The Arena

Here’s a video from Direct Influence as an introduction to their music if you don’t already know them:

Finally, you know how I can’t resist asking for photos and autographs from the artists… so here goes:

with Dylan
with Marcus
autographed flyer

Lovely dudes.

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