Hill & the Sky Heroes at Music Matters Live 2012

Just so you know, Daniel dragged me to go watch Hill & the Sky Heroes’ set all over Clarke Quay throughout Music Matters Live. I think I ended up watching their set at least 2 times over the 3 days.

Hill & the Sky Heroes performing at the Fountain Square main stage

I’d say that Hill & the Sky Heroes plays a genre of music that I wouldn’t normally listen to but they’re pretty alright live. I actually don’t know how to describe/categorize their music so here’s a video for you to sample their musical style:

What do you guys think of their music?

Also, since we’re keep moving around Clarke Quay to check out the various performers, we kept bumping into Hill & the Sky Heroes all over the place so we’re like, let’s just go and take a photo with them and ask them for an autograph. Haha. And here it is:

Sadiah Hill & the Sky Heroes
Danielle Hill & the Sky Heroes
Lucas Hill & the Sky Heroes
Hill, Hill & the Sky Heroes

Finally, here are some other photos of Hill & the Sky Heroes that turned out ok as they performed during Music Matters Live:


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