Manafest at Music Matters Live 2012

I missed Manafest’s performance at the main stage at Fountain Square. To be precise, we arrived at Fountain Square as they played the last 4 chords to his set. Didn’t think much about it at that point really. As I’ve mentioned in a blog post earlier that I didn’t bother to research any of the performers before Music Matters Live.

So when I watch his performance at The Arena, I was wowed. I like Manafest. If you like Linkin Park, you’ll like Manafest. Their musical styles are pretty similar. Manafest doesn’t have the electronic parts like Linkin Park though.

I must say that due to the information overload during Digital & Music Matters and Music Matters Live, none of the acts truly left an impression on me musically. However, for Manafest, his song “Everytime You Run” stuck in my head after just one listen. You can have a listen here for yourself:

It’s good isn’t it? Shame he is so underrated!

Anyway, we spotted Manafest before his set at The Arena and well, you know the rest… Haha.

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