2012 National Day Parade Song — A Nation’s March

I was reading news on Yahoo! when I came across the article about the 2012 National Day Parade (NDP) song. Every year, I would check out the NDP song but the comments made about the song and how it was composed and sung by senior army officers made me even more curious about it.

You can listen to it here:

Honestly, I was laughing when I heard the song. It is a pretty good sign; I didn’t cringe or stop it after the first 30 seconds. Just so you know, I made it through the whole song.

I’m not really sure how I can describe the song, it isn’t that bad a tune but the whole way it was done made it so…. kiddy.

I mean it is a great idea to do this no doubt but somewhere in the process of doing this, no one thought that maybe those officers should be auditioned/go through some kind of vocal training? Perhaps they did but regardless, can’t they get the Music & Dance company (or whatever that unit is called) people to sing it and have those officers lip sync? No?

I’m sorry but I really cannot say that this is brilliant or awesome because if it wasn’t an NDP song and done by the senior army officers, I would have called it a joke. This is the due respect I’m giving.

I also know that somewhere in the studios, some aspiring singer and/or songwriter is in tears hearing this. They sure could have done something better.

How about this for an idea? For the 2013 NDP song, we should do it like a contest. We can even make a TV show out of it. I’d like to have Dick Lee, Kit Chan and Ken Lim on the panel of judges. You know how to contact me if you want more information. 😉

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