Introducing China Rats from Leeds, UK

A friend passed me the profile and link to a four piece band from Leeds (UK) called China Rats. First thought was, what kind of a band would call themselves China Rats? Then again, it’s just a name right? Like how 30 Seconds to Mars really doesn’t make sense but somehow it works.

L-R: George, Jed, Luke, Graeme

Formed in 2011, China Rats is made up of 4 22~23 year old guys from Leeds who love punk’s riotous guitars, 50’s pop and classic British guitar bands. George Riley is the drummer, Jedidiah Allcock is the bassist + vocals, Luke Smith is the lead guitarist + vocals and Graeme Thomson is the lead vocalist + guitarist.

So I gave their YouTube and SoundCloud account a go and listened to them. I kinda like them. They actually remind me a little of Oasis but happier you know what I mean? Perhaps it would be easier if you just listened to them:

This is my favourite song among all that they’ve uploaded to their SoundCloud account so far:

And here are the other tracks:

What do you think about them?

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