Happy Ever Laughter

I went to watch the stand up comedy show Happy Ever Laughter, presented by The Dream Academy Productions.

Needless to say, it was a full house and I was in stitches for the 2 hour-ish show.

Selena Tan opened the show with a short routine. She was hilarious. I love that woman really. I like the bits where she talked about TPL. Quite epic. LOL.

It was also interesting that old school comedians like Moses Lim and Najip Ali were included in the line up. Haven’t seen and heard about them for the longest time! As Moses Lim said, “I’m not dead yet.” Hahaha.

Also, the relative newbies are pretty good as well. My favourite amongst all the newbies is Siti Kalijah Zainal.  As Siti Phenomena (if I heard right that is), she introduced her Obedien Wife’s Club and tulang soup. LMAO. Tulang soup will never be the same again.

Amongst all the bigger names in the Singapore Comedy circle, it was clear that everyone was waiting for Kumar. Kumar never fails to deliver. I love how he goes on about how guys should do their national service in the hospital rather than the army camp. Also, his idea of setting up an old folks home specifically for gay boys is quite brilliant I must say. Hahahaha. I’d volunteer there every week.

Michelle Chong was also a highlight as “Samonella” and some nonsense last name. Her “angmoh boyfriend Arthur gave her the name Samonella because she is like a bacteria; spreads fast, pink and raw”. EPIC. Michelle’s routine is really brilliant but it seems like not many people really understood it because it’s not very apparent what the point was. I must admit that at some points I didn’t understand it as well because of the accent. Just couldn’t hear some of words properly.

I must say that I was a tad disappointed that Chua En Lai didn’t do the pole dance. Hahaha. He did his Thai accent though but I was really hoping that he did the Pornsak pole dance. Lol. Oh well.

The other performers were funny too but the punch lines came too fast too furious and I just can’t remember it all. All that I’ve mentioned here are just the highlights that I remember (without giving too much away). 🙂

Thumbs up to the cast and crew. Good job!

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