Jedward Departure from Singapore 2012

Jedward flew back to London immediately after the autograph signing session. There were many fans who rushed to the airport from the autograph session in taxis.

Jedward are just too nice really. They’re obliging to everyone’s request for photos and autographs to the point where they just kept walking away while checking into their flight to hang with the fans or just stop walking towards the departure lounge to sign autographs or take photos with fans.

The whole departure didn’t end up too pretty actually. Jedward are quite late for their flight and if the Universal Music folks didn’t put their foot down to stop Jedward from signing or taking photos, they’ll probably miss their flight back.

I know that there were quite a number of Jedheads who were very upset and crying at the airport. Mostly because the Jedward boys were leaving and on top of that, some were upset that the Universal Music Singapore folks were suddenly being very fierce and mean.

In any case, Jedward have left and here’s hoping that they’ll come back soon (with more notice to everyone)!

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