MTV Sessions with Kyle Patrick @ Waterfront Studios, RWS

Kyle Patrick is amazing live and ridiculously cute. Just look at that hair and dimples.

Kyle Patrick. Photo by Aloysius Lim / MTV Asia
Kyle Patrick. Photo by Aloysius Lim / MTV Asia

KP managed to get the crowd of mostly teenagers to dance and party with him. I guess the bit where the audience were made to stand at KP’s request helped. Haha. The atmosphere and crowd in the Waterfront Studios was definitely the most lively, vocal and fun amongst the 3 MTV Sessions taping that I have attended so far.

Here’s the setlist:

  1. Follow Your Heartbeat
  2. Wild Ways
  3. Ain’t No Sunshine
  4. Jenny (Not the full song) — The Click Five
  5. Happy Birthday (Not the full song) — The Click Five
  6. Empty (Not the full song) — The Click Five
  7. Don’t Let Me Go — The Click Five
  8. Baby Don’t Board That Plane
  9. Go For Gold
There was an encore performance of “Follow Your Heartbeat” and “Baby Don’t Board That Plane” because they needed another take of the performance.

It was quite clear that majority of the people in the room are fans of The Click Five. 🙂 When KP sang The Click Five songs, almost everyone in the audience could sing along. So did I. Hehe. I was really happy that he did “Happy Birthday”; it’s my favourite The Click Five song. 🙂 Night: made.

Also, when KP sang Empty, he actually stopped abruptly because he forgot the words to the song. Hahaha. He asked the audience for help with the words (which they were more than happy to help) before restarting the song. I don’t know if they’ll cut this bit out of the final show though. It was quite funny actually.

KP was also speaking in American-accented Singlish at some point during the taping. It was totally adorable and hysterical of course. He actually remembered Singlish terms like “chio bu” and “chope” from his last trip to Singapore in December 2011!

There were also lots of fun tidbits that KP shared as he went through the songs. I thought the most hilarious comment was how he said he “still doesn’t know who Jenny is” immediately after singing the song. Hahaha.

Finally, do keep a look out for the hauntingly good cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” during the TV premiere of MTV Sessions with Kyle Patrick on MTV Asia on 8 September 2012, 11 am (ID) / noon (SG/PH/HK) / 1 pm (MY)!! MTV Vietnam will air this on 9 September 2012, 8 pm (VN).

Here are the photos of the adorable Kyle Patrick:

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